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Social Studies
African-American History

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Segregation By:Eliana and Landri

Back of the Bus

Children seperated

Certain places for different races

"I Have A Dream"

White only Signs

Water Fountains


African Americans were dissatisfied with their lives and the effects of segreagtion and discrimination because they were not allowed to do anything. They had to go to different schools, use different bathrooms, and even use tottally different water fountains. What i know from the period of segregatiom in the United States was that people usually only discriminated against African Americans. The discrimination was not only against adults but even children. This caused them to not be able to buy their childrenwhat they needed. The discrimination was so bad in some parts of the state people even bombed churches, schools, and streets. African Americans felt like exiles in their own country for many reasons. One reason was people were using them as slaves. They would make them do inside and outside chores without paying them. Also they would beat on African Americans when they would see them for so reason at all. Another reason they probably felt as exiles was because they wouldnt let them be in certain places. For example like making African Americans sit in the back of the bus. If that were me i would feel like an exile as well. There were too many rights denied to African Americans to count. The most horrible right they bwere denied was the right to vote. It was not fair they were not able to help choose who would run their country. They were denied the right to have a trial. Therefore, they would aoutomatically be guilty. Also they were denied owning guns.


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