Segregation Timeline

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Segregation Timeline

We want Segregation to end and we want to have the same rights as the white!

Black and White

This Timeline has to do with the laws education and difference between the white and black people and their rights in order of years

Time Line


People these days say that segregation seems to be coming back! Lets care for each other and we are all the same it doesn't matter if your black or white we are equal!




This year segregationbecame illegal. Many students got mad anddemanded that they won't go to school with blackpeople.But the law killed segregation

In this year JimCrow's laws had to dowith seperating white and colored people's areas,traveling and dining and water.



The white people in the 1896 had better thingsthan the black people.In 1954 many people protested for example:Black wanted segregationWhite did want any segregation. (Even kids)

In 1955, the second time someone gets arrested refusing to get out of a white's seat. That woman'sname is Rosa Parks. She became famous because of this.

Even kids were against segregation

In 1957 a 15 year old girl who was blackwent to a white school with a crowd of whitesyellind at the black girl called Elizabeth Eckford"One Down... Eight To Go". These were cardscirculated at little Rock's high. This card refers Minijean Brown one of the little rock 9


In June protestors at a sitin in Jackson Mississippi remaina at a counter despite having food thrown at them.Demonstrations also took place outside. 43 college students were arrested for protesting.

Many people would go onthe freedom rides protestingsegregation.A bus with freedom ridersin Alabama on may 15 burnsafter a flat tire and an angry mob of people against no segregation.

In this year during a protestin Alabama police turned attack dogs against protestors even innocent people.4 girls were killed by a bombingof a baptist church inBirmingham, 30 years later they caught the bomber from the KKK

This year was when the famous Selma to Montgomerymarch was taken.After a few weeks thousands of people settled outside of Alebama's capitol to hear MartinLuther King.


black people marching to Montgomery


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