Segregation The 1950s

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African-American History

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Segregation The 1950s

During segregation there was an organization that was called "The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People" and they fought aganist segregation. They were really fighting against the "Seprate but Eqqual" law and their leader of the organization was an african american lawyer, Thurgood Marshall.

Segregation 1950's

Segregation started in 1896 in Surpreme Court starting with the legal seperation between blacks and whites in the ruling case "Plessy vs. Ferguson". But then they changed minds causing the "Brown vs Board of Education" in 1954 making segregation illegal.

What is segregation and when did it become legal in the U.S. to segregate people by the color of their skin?

African american men and women boycotting against segregated schools

a colored man drinking from a "colored" water fountain

A segregated bus back in the 1950's

"Colored"waiting room sign


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