Segregation in 1930's: Education

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Segregation in 1930's: Education

Segregation in 1930's:Education

This is a white school in 1930. In southern counties, funding for white schools where taken from colored schools. "Travel and HIstory Colums"Texas Escapes. March 22, 2009. May 5, 2014.

Public school segregation was a law in 18 states. "Some states already had laws preventing segregation and mandating the inclusion of nonwhites in schools(Okland Museum)."If a person that wasn't white, was caought wriging and talking in there native language, they where punished. To fight back cultural lose, races paid to have there own school built, like the Jappanese.

Lums Father, filed a law suit against the school distric. "School authorites told her father that she would have to attend an underfunded colored high school in a nearby county(Segregated Schools upheld in Lum Case)."

This is a picture of a "colored" school in the 1930's. The teachers have little experiance and all grades are in one room."Statis of African Americans in 1930's." TKMInfo-Home 2014. May 5, 2014

African Americans wern't the only race segregated. In 1925, Martha Lum, a chinese student that was denied admittance to Rosedale High School.

Hispanics were also segregated. At first, there was just hispanic elementry schools, but as more mexicans went to high school, seperate high schools were built.

"Another serious problem faced by Hispanic school childen was descrimination(Hispanic American and Education)." Student and some teachers treated hispanics badly.

Hyspanics where being americanized, forced to abandon there cluture. The curriculum was at first the three R's, reading, writing, and atithmetic.

In the mid 1900's, the curriculum was swithced over to the three C's. Common american culture, civics, and the command of english. Due to this, tests for hyspanics where in english, leaving most students labeled retarded.

Seperated schools in the north where to protect blacks from racism, in the south, money was spread far apart between white and colored schools. "In 1932, the NAACP issued a report that called for a legal campaign to challenge the school segregation laws(Stakeman)."

In 1936, in Maryland, a school segregation fight was won. Thurgood Marshall wanted to attend the university of Maryland, but couldn't. So he wen't to Howard university, under the tutelage of Charles Houston. When the NAACP wanted to challange U. of Marlyland, Thurgood was eager to help.

NAACP=National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Unfortunity, races that made there own schools, where mocked and scorned apon.

Black students couldn't ride buses with whilte kids. Even if the bus drove right by there house.


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