Sedimentary Rocks

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Sedimentary Rocks

How Sedimentary Rocks Are Made This is how sedimentary rocks are made in the sea. Sedimentary Rocks are made when animals die and fall to the sea floor. After millions of billions of years many kinds of animals fell to the floor and have been pressed with tons of pressure. Now after all the pressure the "sediment" has turned into sedimentary rocks!

Sedimentary Rocks

Rock Cycle Diagram

Physical CharacteristicsIn sedimentary rocks you can see layers. These layers are made of the "sediment". Often times these sedimentary rocks have fossils in them because of the dead animals that the rock is made of! The colour of sedimentary rocks depends on what "sediment" the rock is made of. For example if the "sediment" is red the rock can turn out red! The lusture of sedimentary rocks is usually low because most "sediment" is not very shiny, but then again it all depends on what the rock is made of. The size of the rock depends on if you want to know it's width or hieght. For a very tall rock you need a lot of "sediment" to fall on top of the rock. The width depands on how far apart the rock is broken.RedSedimentaryRock

It's Impact on the EnviromentSedimentary rocks can actually help the natural enviroment! When all the dead animals form sedimentary rocks it can help stop disease from spreading. This works by disease which dead animals can spread being trapped inside the rock. This can help keep animal (and sometimes Human!) popullation healthy!

How Humans Use ItHumans use sedimentary rocks in many ways. For examples many companies use famous sedimentary rock formations and advertise them as tourisim sites. Then people buy tickets and merchendice from the site and the company makes money!Some other uses of sedimentary rocks are construction matireals, chalk and history book. Yes, I said history book. Humans can find fossils and other things that were made a long time ago to find out about the past!

Sedimentary Rock Hall of Fame

This video explains how sedimentary rocks aremade. This video hassteps too so you cantry this at home!


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