Section 1: Camerawork

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Section 1: Camerawork

Section 1:Camerawork

Dolly:This is the dolly shot through the new house at the start of the film. This type of camera movement creates a feel of someone following the main character as he walks through to his office. It makes the audience feel like there is a presence within the house because the silence along with following movement creates an eerie feeling. This is very effective because not only does it make it feel like someone is following him, but it always gives a quick and brief overview of the house and what his surroundings are. It appears to be quite a narrow house, which gives off a trapped feel as the audience are watching it. That is why the dolly through the house is so effective.

Long Shot:Long shots tend to be used to show the body composition of the character and how they appear from a certain distance. In this example, the long shot is used to reflect how he is feeling. Ellison has watched a brutal murder with a lawn mower and this has effected him quite badly. As he walks out of his office, this long shot allows the audience to understand what this clip has done to him. It is evident by his stance that he feels weak and sickened. This is key to the horror due to the fact that the producer wants the audience to empathise with the character. In order to do this, they must see how he reacts to everything that happens. This would increase the fear factor.

High Angle:This high angle occurs when Ellison has heard a noise in the house and believes someone has broken in. This assumption creates tension, for both Ellison and the audience. This is then followed my him opening the door and finding his daughter in there. This shows a high angle of the daughter which signifies weakness. However, due to the circumstances and the tension created, when he opens the door to find his daughter in there, it makes the audience jump slightly. This is called a Luton Bus Shock, it gets the adrenaline of the audience flowing which makes them on edge for the rest of the film. This tends to be used in horror films whether it be blatantly obvious or inconspicuous. The high angle also shows how vulnerable the daughter is, this is later reitterated at the end of the film when she is possessed.


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