Secrets on Mount Everest

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Secrets on Mount Everest

The Secrets on Mount EverestMade By: Gabby Sanford

As we pass through the most traecherous and dangerous mountain in the world, mount Everest,we'll find Sun-jo at the top of the mountain waving his yellow flag in honor of his great achievment. Apparently, we were told that Sun-jo Illegally climbed the mountain to become the first free tibetian to reach the summit, which is exactly what he accomplished.

We Also found out that the director of the trip, Josh, Snuck Sun-jo and his son Peak (Who was literally 10 to 20 feet away from the summit but never made it) up the other side of Mount Everest so that they could have a chance of reaching the summit, but really they went on the other side so that they wouldn't of been taken down or caught by the mean and grouchy captain Shek, who knew exactly what they were up to.

But, even though Sun-jo made this big accomplishment there were many before him who have made big accomplishments on Mount Everest, so lets take time to honor all others who have attempted or have made it to the summit and lets thank the real heros of the mountain, Sherpas.

This is the dangerous and slippery Mount Everest being climbed by two of the bravest people in the world because anyone able or think that they can summit Mount Everest have to be brave and curageous to make it to the summit.

Brave souls climbing Mount Everest

Sherpas the true leaders

Fun FactIt cost thousands of dollars to buy all of the gear needed to climb Mount everest


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