Secret Knowledge of Grownups

by hanksk
Last updated 9 years ago

Language Arts

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Secret Knowledge of Grownups

Grown-up Rule #214 Close the front door.Official Reason: You will let all the heat out.The Truth: Sure, you may let the heat out, but it's what you might let in that is the problem...

The Secret Knowledge of Grownups

Location: Santa Fe, New MexicoDate & Time: August 23. 2010Log: Enter secret bunker on US Air Force Base disgused as pocket protecter on geeky scientist. Find grown-up rule # 214 under massive pile of monster food.

You might let the monsters in! Yes! Underneath your front steps live tiny little monsters that are just waiting to get into your house. You give them just one little oppurtunity and BAM! Chaos ensues! These little monsters cause all kinds of havoc. They can create a mess that no one but the fiercest of cleaning crews can clean up. They will leave muddy footprints all over the floor, trample your houseplants and eat crackers in your bed. They ...

This is what you will create fror your secret knowledge of grown-ups rule. Make it attractive and interesting!

You need to have a log.

You need to include the basic information about your rule.

Then you need to write the truth about your rule.



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