Secret Hum of a Daisy

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Secret Hum of a Daisy

The main character of the story is Grace. Her mother died in an accident where she fell into a river. Grace has to live with a gramdmother she's never met. She meets her new neighbors and becomes great friends with them. They have a daughter named Johanna and a son named Max.

The Secret Hum of a DaisyBy: Tracy Holczer

The setting is in California. More settings are by the Sacramento River, the Brannigan's house, school, and a parking lot. The story is set in the present because what happens to the characters can happen to us too.

Jana HebenstielBook Report


The conflict is that Grace is trying to cause trouble to get kicked out of the house because she doesn't want to live with her grandma.


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Story Setting

The genre is realistic fiction. I know that it is realistic fiction because there is no magic and whatever happens to the characters can happen to us.


Grace decides to trust her grandma and believe that she is not a bad person. After Grace stops trying to get to her old home, she decides that she would live in the house instead of her grandma's shed. Grace finds out that you should love your family, no matter what they do.



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