Secondary School Teacher

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Secondary School Teacher

Except Special Ed. and Career/Techincal Ed.


--- Job Description --- I would teach one or more subjects at the secondary level in either public or private schools. The level of students I would teach would depend on the state defination of secondary school.

Wages - $46,500 per year, according to Achieve Texas

Education Required - Bachelor's Degree

Abilities Required - Oral Comprehension and Expression

Skills Needed:Instructing - Teaching othersLearning Stratigies - Using selective instructional methods Speaking - Effective Communication



Abigail Croft | Period 6

Knowledge Needed:Education and Training - Knowing the principles (basics) of planning, teaching and measuring understanding. English Language - Having knowledge about the content and structure English Language.


Career Cluster - Education and Training



- Document Cameras - Laptop Computers

- Instructional Software- Email Software

Projected Growth - 40% between 2008 and 2018

- Instruct in one or many subjects and in varying methods - Adapt to student's indiviual learning needs


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    Tech is one of my favorite subjects. I am currently reading the Tech of the peoples who rule the half-world in the past. You can explore the IT history by adding poverty as an additional option. The is the link access that you give in the post is not working, please update the link so I will download the social history book for the reading.