Second trimester

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Language Arts

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Second trimester

The children will memorize their prayers in January and February. These are due Feb. 13th:Act of ContritionOur FatherHail MaryGlory BeThe Sign of the Cross.In March, we will begin learning the parts of the Mass.

Welcome to Second Grade!We have had a great first trimester! Each month will have its own excitement and projects.Click on the kites and you will be hyperlinked to the correct webpage to begin your learning. Have fun!

Spelling City

Library =Tuesdays. PE =Tues,Thurs, and Friday.Computer Lab = Mon. Mr. Yeiser's Music =Tues. Art Masters= Wed.Mass= Some Mon. and Fri. AM.

Every month the children have one SmartMath topic they must complete and be tested on in the classroom.January : Add Within 100February: Subtract Within 100March: Add Within 1000Each month they will take a pretest in class; practice at home for ten minutes each day, until they earn six stars; then pass the challenge at home. Finally, take the posttest in class at the end of the month.

Every week you will find spelling practice on Spelling City, Math Facts on the 2 orange circles above, and Religion interactive reviews on Christ Our Life.


Think Central

Christ Our Life

Stop the Clock by half hour

Math Magician

Smart Math

Math Magician +, -, x

Reading at home and at school is so important!The children will bring a Book It Bag and Log home each night,return it each morning. All books count. Fill out the log to show read by child, read with adult, read aloud by parent. Turn in the log of all books read at home, each Friday to meet our monthly goal of 4 books and earn a pass or a treat. Two or more Accelerated Reader Books must be read and tests taken and passed each month. They may take tests on the Accelerated Reader books read at home, as well.



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