Second LIfe Biology

by Tehescmarts
Last updated 1 year ago


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Second LIfe Biology

Second Life Biology

Second Life Biology

90 Minute Lecture

Quiz Chair

Learning Opportunities

Nurse Education

Nursing Simulation

General Setup Info

Tour Genome Island

Fruit Flies

Lab Equipment

Science Lab

High School

Media Zoo

Virtual Genetics


  • Stalin1 9 years ago

    Stalin1's avatar

    Must took you a long time make all these glogs.

  • Tehescmarts 9 years ago

    Tehescmarts's avatar

    I use glogs for my classes. And I use them as a place to keep my ideas. This glog is because I am developing a biology class in 2nd life.

  • doni99 8 years ago

    doni99's avatar

    Nice glog Ms! :)

  • Tehescmarts 7 years ago

    Tehescmarts's avatar

    Thank you Doni. The problem with 2nd Life was keeping a safe place for students, keeping various grades separated (such as middle and high school students). Plus we had lag. Lag is bad. It was fun though. There are a lot of educational places there.