seb's top 4 favourite pokemon

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seb's top 4 favourite pokemon

My top 4 favourite Pokemon from X and Y By Sebastian

#4 The amaura evoultion chain. The amaura evoultion chain is my personel favourite fossil chain ever because of its typing rock and ice, amaura is a very bulky pokemon and has a lot of health and special attack and special defence and has a pretty good move set and over all is a special offence and defenceive tank and a force to be reconed with, and thats why it gets number 4 on my list.

Coming in at number 3 the newest type fariy. Xerneas is a deer but is a very good pokemon it has the abilty fariy aura which powers up fairy moves by 30 percent on you side of the field in double and triple battles and can learn the most powerful fariy type move play rough it has the power of 90 and 100 accuracy and has very good special attack and defence and is good at owning dragon and dark type pokemon, so thats why is makes number three.

At number 2 Vivolin. Vivolin may be another bug/flying pokemon like butterfree and dustox but don't be fooled this is a very strong bug type pokemon with moves like quiver dance to raise its special attack special defence and speed and bug buzz to make use of the special attack boost, also it can have more then ten different patterns and is by far my favourite bug/flying type Pokemon in all of Pokemon.

And coming in at number 1 is the Froakie evoultion chain. The Froakie evoultion chain is my favourite Pokemon from genaration 6 because the sheer fact that it's last evoultion is a ninja and a very powerful



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