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sebs infite winds glog

RELEVANCEWhat is really important about global warming is that is bad for the world. it is actually considered pollution. there is to much carbon in the air. it is melting the glaciers. infinite winds is about a balloon they put in the sky to create a generator of wind. it is trying to create a generator to stop fossil fuels.


InventionIt is called "infinite winds." It is shaped like an oval (football), and is supposed to be as light as a feather. it is a ballon that takes the electricity down to a generator. They are using this to stop fossil fuels because it is bad for the earth. it floats because it is a ballon. the fabric is also very very light so it can float. even though it failed they will try again until they get it right. the balloon has curved blades so that it can catch onto the wind easier and it has a light tether that is amazingly made out of a plastic that can hold 5 cars. in low winds it still can dimly power 3 lightbulbs, it generates around 200 watts.

Hypothical Test1. you can see how it rotates by making a smaller model and putting it ten feet in the air2. you could test how powerful it is with a smaller model and see if it can hold 500 lbs.3. you can see how heavy the tether is by seeing if it weighs under 500 lbs.4. you could test it by seeing how much power a small model can make if it makes 50 watts5. you can use a small model to see if it goes 50 ft. it needs to stay up for ten minutes

Design BriefPROBLEM: fossil fuels are tearing the world might be causing global warming. it is pollution and damaging the earth.SOLUTION: by using infinite winds we will use it to have a generater powered by winds. using this we will eliminate fossil fuels.

Design Specs.1. turbine2.baloon3. air in the baloon4.the power plant below5. the wire/​rope that holds the ballon in place



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