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catching fire

summaryThe book is about the new Hunger Game that is going on in the middle of the book. The new Hunger Games is on the Quarter Quell so that means that the Hunger Games is going to be different. This one is different because all of the victors from all of the hunger games will be in their own hunger games.

Review‘I think that Catching Fire is the most cant put it down kind of book because of the new hunger games with all of the victors and how she tries keeping Peeta alive in stead of her living.’

Characters Catniss: strong, tall, and is vary good with a bow. Peeta: strong, perfect acter, and vary good panter. Gale: tall, strong, and good at seting traps. Haimitch: alcahalic, smart, and is a good person to send you stuff when you are in the Hunger Games.

Place: arenaTime: futureSetting: capetal of panama

The arena



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