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Environmental Studies

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Sebastien edwards/ katlyn hartless

Mangrove Forest

Bengal Bamboo

Forest elephante lives on the ground level and they eat the plants bengal tiger live on ground and they eat creatures of smaller sizes such as elephantssilver Gibbon tree level they eat fruitsharpy eagles Air and Conopy level eat anythign that is left in sightSlender loris tree level eats fruit and leavesVampire Bat lives in lower tree and ground drinks ze blood of ze larze animals jambu fruit dove tree eats fruit of the jambuking cobra lives on ground level eats the smaller animalsall of these work together some eat eachother and others consume the natural suroundings

Tropical Rainforestby Sebastien Edwards & Katlyn Hartless


The Rain forest consistes of a lot of rainy days and the climate is a humid environment.



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