[2015] Martha A (Fabulous Fours): Sebastian Vizcaino

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[2015] Martha A (Fabulous Fours): Sebastian Vizcaino

Sebastian had a good business, he got married to a women that owned porperty and partly from his own business deals. He had a 13- year old son named Jaun. When Sebastian sailed he sailed in December 16, 1602

Sebastian's lifeSebastian lived in the mountains of Spain and France. He went to the spanish merchant abventurer.He had a better chance of making good money and when he was exploring he sented a ship to Santa Tomas.

Personal InformationSebastian Vizcaino lived to from 1548 to from 1629.He died in Mexico.

The Flag of New Spain

Sebastian Vizcaino

Sebastian JourneySebastian explored the California coast because he wanted to see what was up there. Hed also explored for New Spain and France.

AccomplishmentsSebastian wanted to get money for the people in the island and he did get money for the people in the island.

Sebastian's Ship

Sebastian Vicaino

Sebastian's son Jaun


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