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Seb japanese items

Japanese items

Euprepiophis conspicillatus, commonly known as the Japanese forest rat snake, is a species of nonvenomous colubrid snake endemic to Japan. Its Japanese common name, jimuguri, roughly translates to "the burrower". It is closely related to Euprepiophis mandarinus, the Mandarin rat snake.

The Japanese weasel (Mustela itatsi) is a carnivorous mammal belonging to the genus Mustela in the family Mustelidae. It is native to Japan where it occurs on the islands of Honshū, Kyūshū and Shikoku.[2] It has been introduced to Hokkaidō and the Ryukyu Islands to control rodents and has also been introduced to Sakhalin island in Russia.

Japanese gaming is one of the most popular entertainment among Japanese people, Japanese gaming is a form of electronic entertainment, take X-box or Playstation for example they are consoles for games like for the X-box there are games like Need for speed rivals and for the Playstation there are games like Forza Horizon and for the 3ds (which I have yet to mention) as games like Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Japanese robotics industry is spectacular, Japan makes some of the best robots in the world from ASIMO. to Apropoko and Evolta and robots that can do triathalons, Asimo is the most well known robot around the world to most people he is probably the best as well, Asimo has been to America to meet president Barack Obama in person and kick a soccer ball with him. Japanese robotics is amazing like I said they exal in many things like household robots to docter robotsm and many more.



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