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Environmental Studies


  • srpgegh 10 years ago

    srpgegh's avatar

    Thanks For Making this glog, Mrs.Brinson

  • s2au54z 10 years ago

    s2au54z's avatar

    this glog is not very infromational about the seasons but then again what is there to learn about the seasons.

  • sg4u5e4 10 years ago

    sg4u5e4's avatar

    This is a very simple glog. It was fun to learn more about the seasons......................
    Marissa D.

  • sycxcf9 10 years ago

    sycxcf9's avatar

    i didnt know that the temperatures get below freezing in winter!
    -Bethany G.

  • scwoqah 10 years ago

    scwoqah's avatar

    Awesome i didnt know tht we ste our clocks back in fall and forward in spring. Austin S.

  • sot9q8c 10 years ago

    sot9q8c's avatar

    nice facts and videos! Gary S.

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