[2015] Katie Kim (z_2015 4th): Seasons

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[2015] Katie Kim (z_2015 4th): Seasons


How seasons work




Day and Night


Both day and night are caused by the rotation of Earth on its axis. One side of the Earth is facing the sun, day, and the other side is facing the moon, night. As Earth rotates on and on, we will have days and nights forever... Muahahah


While Earth’s orbit around the Sun does play a role in the changing of the seasons, it’s not because the Earth receives more solar energy when it’s closer to the Sun or less energy when it’s further away. The main reason we have the seasons is due to the Earth’s tilt. With September upon us, the days are getting noticeably shorter, the nights cooler, and winter is only three short months away (in September). A common misconception is that we are closest to the Sun in the summer… but this is actually the opposite. The Earth is at it’s farthest from the Sun on the first day of summer. In the winter, the Southern Hemisphere is getting more sunlight than the Northern Hemisphere. In the winter, the North Pole is getting zero sunlight, which is why it experiences 24 hours of darkness in January.

By: Gyuree (Katie) Kim


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