[2015] Vanessa Pei (z_2015 3rd): Seasons

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[2015] Vanessa Pei (z_2015 3rd): Seasons

NAME: Vanessa Pei

What's The Season? There are specifi dates when each season starts! Spring starts March 1, Summer starts June 1, Fall starts September 1, Winter starts December 1.

What Are Seasons? A season is one of the four divisions in a year, known mostly by the climate, average weather, and how much daylight/nightime

What Causes Day & Night? Earth rotates around the sun while orbiting, causing day and night simultanesouly while having different seasons too.


Earth's Orbit

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

While The northern hemisphere may be experiencing bitter cold winter, the southern hemisphere will be experiencing some warm summers! This is caused by Earth's 23.5 degree tilt! If you love summer you might just move from north to south when it turns into winter in the north! Cheating with the Earth!

Some places on Earth experience a white night. A white night is when the area does not properly get dark at night as usual, calling it a white night. It happens at high latitudes around the summer solstice.

Earth goes around the sun, or orbits the sun . It goes around a full circle/oval in 365 days, what we call it a year. Earth revolves around in its tilted axis of a tilt of 23.5 degrees.


Read all the information to gain knowledge about the seasons!



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