Seasonal affective disorder

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Seasonal affective disorder

SADSeasonal affective disorder

Symptoms:irritability, depression, oversleeping or insomnia, gaining weight or loseing weight, anxiety, problems getting along with others.Prevenative Teatment: light therapy(phototherapy), psychotherapy, medicatons. Research is being done on light therapy at integrative and holisitc medicine center in New York City.

A drop in serotonin triggers the depression. Unblanced melatonin plays a role with sleep patterns and mood. Reduced sunlight and change in season cause these. The pineal gland with causes this.

Normally people get symptoms at a younger age in their twenties. There aren't really levels to this disease you either have slight symptoms or severe ones.

4-6% of people get it... But strangly more females then males get it. If you have it then more then likly someone in your family had it before you.


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