[2015] Callie Finlinson: Season of gifts

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[2015] Callie Finlinson: Season of gifts

Season of gifts

About the book

The book is about a boy who moves to a new town in Illinois, and meets some boys who take him to a creek then tie him up in a cranky old lady's shed. Then they end up being friends but don't tell anyone, and go through a season of gifts.

CharactersBobPhillysMary AnnRobertKarenRoskoeMrs. DowdelJoey

The story is broken into 3 different parts. Part one- The last house in townPart 2-The fall of the yearPart 3-E'er the winter stom begins

Parts of the story

Published- Sept. 1st 2009Author-Richard PeckGenre-HumorBook type- Fiction

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