Sean Parker

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Sean Parker

Sean Parker

Within Napster's first year, the service attracted tens of millions of users, becoming on of the biggest Internet revolutions in history. But it became a target to the musicindustry. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed lawsuits against Napster for alleged copyright infringement on thier music.The company was eventually ordered to shut its service down, but not before Parker was forced out.

Sean Parker was born December 3, 1979, in Herndon, Virginia. When he was 7 his father started teaching him computer programming on an Atari 800. When Sean was 15, his computer hacking drew the attention of the FBI, and he was forced to do community service. At community service he met a fellow hacker Shawn Fanning. Convincing his parents he should put off college, Sean joined Shawn Fanning and started the file-sharing service Napster in 1999.

Napster made it easy for music enthusiasts to download copies of songs off the internet into a MP3 format.

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning promoting their new network Airtime.

He became the founding president of Facebook. Created two more platforms, Spotify and Airtime. His networth is reported to be over 2 billion.

Napster introduced the idea of an "infinite library" of online music. That was a concept that was never imagined before. Also this created a mind-set of a generation that now uses digital forms of all media, from music to newspapers.In 1999, music fans mainly listened to CDs on disc players. But now thanks to Napster we have the digital MP3.

Rene Decartes thought that the universe was made up of math and science which was so radical to the popular thinking of his time. Sean Parker thought that there was an easier way to share files on the internet. Both of these people dramatically changed the world we live in. Decartes launched a succession of scientist growing off his ideas. His findings in math and science are still used in our day to day lives. Parker has helped to create a world that relies heavenly on the internet. Facebook wouldn't have made it past it's first year if Sean didn't help launch it.

Napster is a music file sharing download. When someone downloads it to their computer, than can access a large data base of music. It cost 5 dollars a month for unlimited streaming. They have over 7 million songs in their library which is more than most other music services on the internet, and is one of the top music services today.




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