Sean Netting Geography Assessment Rainforest

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Sean Netting Geography Assessment Rainforest

Threats: There are many threats to rainforests including:Cutting down trees for timber, paper and palm oil , Farming cattle which eat the fauna, Pollution and fires which damages the ecosystems, the rise in population and which leads to Industrial and Development projects and mining which cut down Rainforests for land and introduce Weeds and Feral animals which upset the rainforsest ecossytem. How To Prevent This: Education-Educate about the importance of rainforests for example educate that rainforests support half the species of life on earth and absorb 1/5 of all carbon emissions. EDUCATE THAT WE NEED RAINFORESTS! Support- Support companies that make products that are rainforest friendly. Products that have Palm oil eg: some cosmetics, washing powder, soap, tropical hardwood /rainforest timbesr, cheap paper and toilet paper that do not have the "Rainforest Alliance Certified stamp" are all unfriendly products to rainforests. Through purchasing the products that are rainforest friendly, that have the "Rainforest Alliance Certified Stamp" there will be less need to cut down trees in the rainforest because less people are buying this product. Encourage- Encourage your parents to buy food like bananas and coffee that grow in a sustainable way and are "Rianforest Alliance Certified". How To Conserve This:Restoration- Replant trees on the land where rainforests have been cut down to restore the damaged rainforest areas. Establish- Protect the rainforest, for example you can buy back rainforest land and make it Refuge National Park., for example the Daintree Rainforest in Australia has a Daintree "Buy Back and Protect Forever Project"Native Communities:The Huli Tribe lives in a remote highland rainforest in Papua New Guinea. The Huli Tribe interacts with the rainforets through many ways including their diet, housing, clothing and hunting. Diet-Some of the main animals found in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea includes yams, pigs and cassowaries. As a result the Huli Tribes meat diet consists of eating these animals. The soil in Papua New Guinea rainforest in volcanic. It is very good for growing sweet potato. Consequently the Huli Tribe grow and eat alot of sweet potato. Housing-The Papua New Guinea rainforest contains alot of grass and moist soil.Consequently the Huli's houses are made out of mud walls and grass roofs. All the products are from the rainforest. Clothing- There are a lot of cassowaries birds and parrots found in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. This results in their feathers being used in the tarditional festival dress. Also there are alot of plants with long thin leaves found in the rainforest of Papua New Guniea. This leads to the Huli tribe using grass and leaves to make skirts as everyday clothing for both male and femal.Hunting- As cassowary birds are commonly eaten in the Huli tribe this allows the tirbe to use the bones of the bird as a hunting tool to make knifes. The rainforest in Papua New Guinea contains lots of flexible vines, twigs and thin leaves. This allows the Huli tribe to use these resources to make a bow and arrow to hunt for food.

3 Examples of Animals In The Rainforest1. Monkeys2. Birds3. Inscets

Decription Of A Rainforst

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A rainforest is a dense, green and moist forest found in tropical regions which have a very high rainfall. They are hot and humid and are full of tall, slow growing, broad leaved, evergreen trees which grow very close together to form a continuous canopy covering the ground. Rainforests are the Earth’s oldest living ecosystems and are brimming with biodiversity.


3 Examples Of Rainforests

1. Amazon Rainforest Located In South America2. Sinharaja Rainforest Located In

Sri Lanka3. Daintree Rainforest Located In Queensland, Australia


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