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Seamus Heaney

Seamus Heaney nick names Famous Seamus was born in northern Ireland on april 13, 1939. He was the oldest out of nine siblings. Heaney attened boarding school as a child. Then went on to Queens University to study english, graduating in 1961. Five years after he graduated Heaney published his first poem Death of a Naturalist. Heaney worked as a college lecturer and a school time teacher retiring in the 70's. Heanley started working as a free lance scribe shortly after he retired. In doing so Heaney won The Noble Prize in Literature in 1995. One othe the awards that Heaney is most greatful for ever reciving is The Lifetime Rememberance Award. Seamus is best remembered for traving the world and sharing his art/ideas. Seamus Heaney died on August 30, 2013. He may not be with us physically but his writings will live on forever.


Apr.13, 1939-Seamus Heaney was born.1961- Seamus graduated Queens university.1966- Seamus published his first series of poems called Death of a Naturalist.1974- Seamus published another series called Northe.1984- Seamus published another series called Station Island.1995- Seamus wins the Noble Prize for literature for works of lyrical beauty and ethical depth.1996- Seamus publishes The Spirt Level.2000- Seamus wins The Whitbread Award.2010- Seamus publishes his last series Human chain.Aug.30, 2013- Seamus Heaney dies.

Seamus won The Nobel Prize for literature for the works of beauty and ethical depth.Seamus is most proud of winning The Lifetime Remembrance Award.To Seamus when asked about his greatest accomplishments he would say his wife and kids.Seamus was able to travel and share his writings and believes to those who wanted to hear.

Lasting Impact

I believe Seamus Heaney's most significant peice of work is Death of a Natrualist. I say this beacause this poem can relate to everyone. The poem is about being a child and seeing the world as though it is full of advernture, then growing up and seeing it for how it really is. In one part of this poem Seamus states how he believe the frogs would soon seek revenge for him taking thier young. As if childhood is full of small problems (such as this one) that could easlily be fixed if you look at it in a real sence. Seamus once said "...and I gew up fostered alike by beauty and by fear." i bealieve that in this poem he truly expresses both the beauty and frea through his childhood.

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"Walk on air against your better judgment." -Seamus Heaney


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