Sealed With a Diss

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Sealed With a Diss

The book "Sealed With a Diss" by Lisi Harrison is a combination of secrecy, spying, and new adventures for the Pretty Commitee. Boys, parties, the room, the key, and ESP wrap up the rest of the book. Throughout the book Massie Block is making deals with Skye Hamilton, Chris Abeley, and his sister, Layne. Follow Massie and her crew through the ups and downs of relationships and friendships in this fun-to-read book.

Recipe For: Massie Block1 cup of sugar1 tablespoon of spice3 cups of fashion sense4 tablespoons of ideas~~MIX~~and you get one smart cookie!

A book of friends, guys, and some jealousy,Can be a book girls will gladly read.About a room, a party, and dates,The Pretty Committee need to face.Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire,On a hunt for people to kiss,And hopefully they will not be Sealed With a Diss.

The reason why the author wrote this book is to show what some girls have to face in middle school. It is also a funny novel to bring people's spirits up.

The book ''Sealed With a Diss'' is placed in Westchester, New York. A lot of the book is either at their school, OCD, or at Massie's house.

Sealed With a Diss

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