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SeabiscuitOne of the Worlds most famous racehorses

Seabiscuit was foaled in Lexington, Kentucky to a mare named Swing On and a stallion named Hard Tack. He was originally trained at the Wheatley Stables by Sunny Jim Fitsimmons. He was an undersized, knobby-kneed, horse that everbody thought ate slept too much. Fitsimmons simply just thought Seabiscuit was lazy and didn't put much time in him. Eventually Seabiscuit was sold to Charles Howard in 1936. In 1937 Seabiscuit won his first major race, the Massachusetts Handicap. Seabiscuit then started winning more major races and eventually people started saying that Seabiscuit needed to go against War Admiral. War Admiral was the so called best horse of the east. When Howard and Samuel Riddle, War Admirals owner, finally agreed to do a match race, Seabiscuit injured his leg. Everybody started thinking that Tom Smith, Seabiscuits trainer, was lying because he didn't want Seabiscuit to lose to War Admiral but Seabiscuit actually got injured. Seabiscuit recovered, eventually rode against War Admiral, and won. Seabiscuit then went on to win the Hollywood Gold Cup, San Antonio Handicap, and the Santa Anita Handicap. Seabiscuit then sired 108 foals. Two of Seabiscuit's foals moderately successful racehorses named Sea Sovereign and Sea Swallow. Seabiscuit then retired and started herding cattle, spending his last days with Howard.

Adjectives to Describe Seabiscuit:Happy, smart, sweet, loving, and competitive.

Something I learned from Seabiscuit is that you have to keep pushing forward even when your in a tough situation.

Kami Bremer 5th Period

"The Biscuit will come back, he'll come back and fool the whole turf world."

May 23, 1933-May 17, 1947

Seabiscuit winning the Santa Anita Handicap

The Beginning of Seabiscuit's Major Success w/ Red Pollard

Seabiscuit winning the Massachusetts Handicap

Seabiscuit injured at the Santa Anita, 1939

Seabiscuit beating War Admiral


When Seabiscuit was young he was whipped alot on his left side, so from then on his rider couldn't use the whip on his left side, only his right.

One last detail that is important about Seabiscuit"Seabiscuit An American Legend"




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