Sea Turtles

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Sea Turtles

Types of Sea Turtles:Green Sea turtleHawksbill (my favorite)Leatherback (largest)LoggerheadKemps Riddly (smallest)FlatbackOlive Riddly

Did you know:Sea turtles were originally tortoises untill they adapted to living in the sea.Sea Turtles breath air.Sea Turtles migrate long distances and sometimes cross entire oceans just to eat!

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles are facinating animals. They are endangered because of us humans selling their eggs, hunting them for their shells, and polluting their home, the ocean. Their only hope is the hardworking rescuers that effortly try to save these precious creatures.

Sea Turtles Rule

Sea Turtle's PredatorsRacoonsSharks HumansKiller WhalesFishDogsSeabirdsGhost Crabs

There are laws about sea turtles safety. If you harm, injer, take, harass, kill, hunt, or trap a sea turtle you can get a fine for up to $100,000 and will spend a year in prison


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