Sea Turtle

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Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

Scienctific Name: Chelonioidea

Sea turtles can vary in size depending on what kind it is, a green sea turlte can grow up to 440 pounds and can be 4 to 8 feet in length

Sea turtles give birth at 83-85 fahrenheit, after 45- 70 days they begin to hatch and stay in there nest for a number days, the babies will obsorb energy to last the rest of the days. Out of every 100 sea turtle babies 5 live. 1 out of every 1000 sea turtles dont make it to there adulthood.

Green sea turtles eat small fish such as crustacean and squid


Green Sea TurtleScienctific Name: Chelonia Mydas

Sea turtles are large, repitiles that inhabit in tropical and sub tropical areas all around the oceans

Scienctific ClassificationDomain- EukaryotesKingdom- AnimaliaPhylum- ChordataClass- ReptiliaOrder- TestudinesSuborder- Cryptodira Family- CheloniidaeGenus- CheloniaSpecies- Mydas

Sea turtles are an endangered species


Baby sea turtles are attacked by foxes, raccoons, crabs and more eat eggs andhatchlings. A variety of sharks eat adult sea turtles.

Go to the first 1/4 of the video then stop halfway into it when the teeth show


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