Sea Stars; Dayna

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Sea Stars; Dayna

They are found in the ocean.Different species live in warm and cold water.Most species live in shallow water near the shore. But some live hundreds of feet under the ocean. All sea stars have skeletons made of boney plates. Sea Stars and most other echinoderma are called spiny-skinned sea animals because their boney plates stick out giving them their spiny skin. All echinoderms have many tubes inside their bodies filled with water, which they use for locomotion. They have sexual and asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction occurs when the external fertililized eggs develop into planktonic larvae, then go through two stages called bipinnaria and brachiolaria.Asexual reproduction, called fission, occurs by thier body dividing into two halves and each half forms their missing parts back.Researchers are using these Echinodermata to study and understand diseases like cancer, alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease and muscular dystrophy.


ClassificationKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: EchinodermataClass: AsteroideaOrder: ValvatidaFamily: OphidiasteridaeGenus: NaradoaSpecies: Novaecaledonoiae

Sea StarsAsteroidea


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