Sea Plastic Population

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Human Influence on Ecology

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Sea Plastic Population

Over 100,000 marine mammals and one million sea birds die each year from eating or becoming entangled in plastic.

This year, we will add over 14 billions pounds of trash to the oceans, most of which is plastic. Our pollution is affecting animals in and out of the oceans.

The plastic we dump into the ocean will be eaten by the bottom of the food chain and eventually make iat back up to the top of the food us.

Are being polluted by humans and their plastic pollution

Our beautiful oceans


  • pyhines 8 years ago

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    this is a wonderful glog. Informative and causes one to rethink their use of plastic and recycling habits. BUT for educational purposes, I unfortunatley cannot direct my students to watch it since there is so much swearing in the main video. Too bad. I really like this glog.

  • Lorraine01 7 years ago

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    I was very excited to find this glog. Unfortunately, I will not be able to use it due to the swearing in the focus video. It would have been a great glog to share with my students.

  • nataa123 7 years ago

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    very cool glog

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    ur glog suks u fukin nerd

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    i bashed ur mum 2

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