Sea Plastic Population

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by santyteacher
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Human Influence on Ecology


  • pyhines 4 years ago

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    this is a wonderful glog. Informative and causes one to rethink their use of plastic and recycling habits. BUT for educational purposes, I unfortunatley cannot direct my students to watch it since there is so much swearing in the main video. Too bad. I really like this glog.

  • Lorraine01 4 years ago

    Lorraine01's avatar

    I was very excited to find this glog. Unfortunately, I will not be able to use it due to the swearing in the focus video. It would have been a great glog to share with my students.

  • nataa123 4 years ago

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    very cool glog

  • xUwotM8x 3 years ago

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    ur glog suks u fukin nerd

  • xUwotM8x 3 years ago

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    i bashed ur mum 2

  • xUwotM8x 3 years ago

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