Sea Otter

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Sea Otter

Sea Otters are very social. They love to be around other otters. Its very rare for them to get into fights. When another otter joins they greet eachother by a head nod. Usually when a mother sea otter has her babies, she leaves the raft and she goes takes the babies making a raft her self. When one of the otters are in trouble they know how it sounds like, so they g0 and help. All in all otters are social in many ways.

groom themselves a lot

Very Social

take care of their young

foods they eat is echinoderms

Sea OtterProject

Fun Facts 1: can only breath for 10 minutes under water2:favorite food is Sea Urchins3:take care of kelp 4:cant catch fish they swim too fast for Sea Otters5:almost became extinced

bibliography1:youtube videos2:national geographic


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