[2015] Sydney Kotter: Sea Otter

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[2015] Sydney Kotter: Sea Otter

Sea Otter

Hi my name is sydney and i will be your tour gide for sea otters .On this page you will learn LOTS!! of cool facts about sea otters injoy and have fun :) ;)

A little fact about sea otters is they have been on the earth for millons of years! also baby sea otters can weigh to 20|37 kilograms sea otters can also be 4feet long witch is 1.3meter's

Saddly like many otter animals the sea otter does have predators.these are its predators EVERY SINGLE tipe of shark,Alaska killer whales,stellar sea lions,coyotes,bears,eagles,humas.

The sea otter lives in the sunlight zone.Sea otters are found in thesee places the coast of pacif ocean,north america,asia,alaska,and russia.

where sea otters are found


Sea otters like to sea shells,shellfish,clams,sallops,crabs,squid,octopus,fish.Good thinking how does it get its food .....here's how sometimes it may have to dive 140feet but normally it will dive 300feet.But the averege dive is 35feet

what sea otters eat

Its adaptations for hunting are it carries a flat stone in its pouch and food in paws.Where I found all my info!by:Beth Wanger Brust title;zoobooks sea otters date:novmber 27, 2015

Adaptations for hunting

this is my backstroke

by:Sydney kotter

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