Sea Of Monsters

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Sea Of Monsters

In this book there were several places they went to but I think the main events happened in the theme park where the Cyclops had stayed and the half blood camp where all the half bloods stayed.


Author: Rick Riordan

Book report

Name: Minsu chang Date: september 25th 2014

I thought the main event was when Tyson saved Percy because I thought that was what a true brother would do and I thought it was great to see Tyson saving Percy.

Main Events

Percy Jackson: Percy Jackson is the main character of this book and also the film. Percy in the son of Poseidon later in the book Percy meets his brother Tyson first he thinks that they are not related but at the end Percy thanks him a lot for what he’s done for him.Annabeth chase: Annabeth is Percy’s friend but not only that Annabeth was also close friends with Zesus daughter. Annabeth has a bad memory of losing her friend (Zesus’s daughter) sadly her friend was killed by a Cyclops and now they know a way to make her alive again.Grover underwood: Grover is a guard that was sent by the gods to guard Percy. In the book Grover is captured by the Cyclops. The Cyclops did not have good eyesights so he mistaken Grover as a female Cyclops.Luke castallen: Luke is a 20 year old boy who works for Kronos and Luke is the other boy who needs the golden fieece.Tyson: Tyson is Percy’s brother he is also then son of Poseidon. In the beginning Percy’s friends doesn’t like hanging around with Tyson because of his looks but in the half way of the book they realized he’s also like one of them and also safe.



Plot and theme


Do you like the book?and theme

The story begins in the half blood camp Percy hears about Thalia's death and Percy, Annabeth and Grover was going to get the golden fieece to save Thalia. Later on the captain tells Percy something and Percy gets surprised because the captain told Percy that he has a brother. Later Percy gets to meet his brother soon as he meets him he gets more surprised than he was before because his brother was a cyclops his name was Tyson. So now Percy met his brother now it's Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson. Then later they go to a theme park where the cyclops lives and that when they realize that they weren't the only ones going for the golden fieece. At the end Percy and his friends gets the golden fieece and takes it backs to the half blood camp and gets Thalia to live again.

In conclusion i thought this book was very interesting. As I was reading I learnt about some greek myths.and I enjoyed it even more because I got see diference between the flim and the book.

I enjoyed this book a lot because it was a great opportunity to compare the movie and the book.The part I found a difference in was when Tyson gets blow up by the CSS Birmingham in the book it says Tyson was blown up while trying to save Percy but in the movie Tyson gets shot by the arrow then get healed again by using water. The theme of this book is adventure because the story was about an adventure to save Thalia (Zesus's daughter) by getting the golden fieece and putting it over her. It wasn't as easy as you thought because the cyclops has the golden fieece and since Percy's isn't the was one that needs it so he needs to fight for it.

I like the Book!


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