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sea horses


Sea horses ❁❁ ❁❁




on seahorses

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-Male seahorses do not get pregnant. They just carry the 1,500 eggs, the female's put in their pouch while mating. The pouch is in the front of the sea horse above the tail. The male seahorse only carries the eggs for 9 to 45 days. -As the baby seahorses are in the males pouch, the sea horse will give them prolactin. Its normally found in mammals, it's a milk that keeps the baby alive. -It will take at less 12 hours for the male seahorse to give birth, The way the sea horses give birth is the same way humans give birth basically. But instead they push the sea horses out of the top of the pouch, then the baby sea horses are born, after the sea horses are born the male does nothing to help them survive. He leaves them to figure out how to live and because of that only less than 1 in one thousand will survive to help reproduce the population of seahorses.

- Seahorses live a very short life depending on the seahorses size. They can live up to 1 year for small seahorses or 3-5 years for bigger seahorses. Seahorses can range anywhere to 1.5 centimeters to 14 inches for the length of their body. -Because of how small they are they have lots of troubles swimming and because of that if seahorses get stuck in a storm. They will die from working themselves to hard. How they will die is when they are trying to swim in the storm, they are using a lot of energy and breathing very quickly, because they are slow paced animals their bodies are not used this kind of fast paced environment. They will die because during the storm they will get tired which then leads them to the surface of the water.

-Sea horses love to live in shallow water with lots of seaweed, They most especially love to live in areas where there is eelgrass beds. They also live in coral reefs and mangroves. -They live in warm salt water temperatures. When it's winter time, they move to deeper water to decrease dying from harsh weather. -The places seahorses live in are Pacific sea, Atlantic sea, Bahamas, and Mediterranean sea. When in these areas, the males will only go 11 feet from their homes where other wise the female go 100 feet from their home. Sea horses will change colors to blend in with their habitat so then they can live longer from predators. -Seahorses eat plankton, shrimp, small fishes and copepods. Adult seahorses eat about 30 to 50 times a day, But baby seahorses eat 3,000 times a day. The reason for this is because they don’t have a stomach. So when food is eaten it will pass through the digestive system.

-Most times for the defense system of seahorses is just blending in with the environment, Because they are bad swimmer. They tend to hook their tails to any coral or anything, they can cling onto or they will hide in seaweed to get away from predators. -Since these are the only defense systems they have… the seahorses population is decreasing, But thats only because humans are also hunting them. If humans stop hunting seahorses, the seahorses population would increase again. When humans stop hunting seahorses. -There would be only a small amount of animals that would eat them because of their body shape, animals do not like to eat them. The only animals that do eat seahorses are crabs, some fishes, and sting rays.


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