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S.E. Hinton



S.E.Hinton is belived to have writen her first book the outsiders when she was around the age of 17Her publisher told her to use her initials insted of her name so that more people would read her bookThe success of The Outsiders enabled Hinton to attend the University of Tulsa where she earned a degree in education in 1970. However, during her student teaching, she decided that she did not have the right stuff to be a teacherS.E.Hinton said that she wrote this book because there whern't many accurate teen life novals


born July 22, 19481967- The Outsiders, PublishedS.E.Hinton wrote many other book in later years

When S.E.Hinton wrote a book called the outsiders wich was published in 1967 her book was turned into a movie during the year 1983S. E. Hinton has won the following awards for her first novel, The Outsiders:New York Herald Tribune Best Teenage Books List, 1967Chicago Tribune Book World Spring Book Festival Honor Book, 1967Media and Methods Maxi Award, 1975American Library Association Best Young Adults Books, 1975Massachusetts Children's Book Award,1979 1979

Lasting Impact

S.E. Hinton will forever be known for her famous book the outsiders


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