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SE glog presentation

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50's Terms:Baby Boom: A time after WW2 where the birth rate completely exceeded the death rate from 1946 to 1964Suburbs: The place to live, suburbs where created because of the improved rail and road transport.Gender role: During the 1950's each family member had a gender roll. The Husband brought home the money and was the man of the house, the wife was the cooker and the caretaker of the children. The kids obeyed the parents wishes and learned from them.Consumerism: With the GI bill in effect, many soldiers had money to spend, businesses were expanding and increasing profit.Bomb Shelter: Since the end of WW2, a new war sprung call the Cold War. In defense of a nuclear attack, bomb shelters were created in defense.Conformity: Being afraid of being different. The act of attitudes matching attitudes, beliefs,and behaviors to group norm.Truman/Eisenhower: The president during the mid 1940's to early 1950's. As Truman left office, Eisenhower became president in 1952, replacing Truman.Resurgence in Religion: A huge raise in religion came during Eisenhower's presidency, from 1950 to 1960, the amount of curch members raised by 20%.

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