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SE Asia Vocab

VocabTraditionalDefinition: A part of tradition; A way of behaving, thinking, or doing something that has been used a certain group, family, or society for a while. Sentence: Traditional economy is economy that is based off of beliefs and customs. Traditionsl economy is good because it provides goods and services.ModernDefinition: Modern refers to the present as opposed to the past. Sentence: The modern government in Spain is a government ruled by a Monarchy.Transition Definition: When you change from one state of condition to a different one. Sentence: Transition shock deals with the problems of adjustment people deal with when they are relocated to a different location or country.HinduismDefinition: The main religion in India. Sentence: Hinduism is the main religion in India, and in this religion you worship many Gods and believe in reincarnation.BuddhismDefinition: A religion in Eastern and Central Asia that is based on the teachings by Buddha. Sentence: A practice in this religion is meditation.ShintoismDefinition: The religion of Japan. Sentence: In the religion Shintoism something they worship is the Kami.SikhismDefinition: A religion that was founded in Northern India. Sentence: In Sikhism they have beliefs in the Gurus, they follow the path and direction of the Gurus. Communism Definition: A theory from Karl Marx that states all property should be publicly owned and each person is paid and works according to their needs and abilities. Sentence: Communism is a form of government which owns things for making and transporting products. ArableDefinition: A land that is good for growing crops. Sentence: An arable is good for farmers because they grow crops and that is how they get their money. Crops are good for the economy.ProverbDefinition: A saying giving people advice on how to live. Sentence: Peple value the proverb because people believe in the truth of a proverb.Mao ZedongDefinition: He was a Chinese communist leader. Sentence: He was the chairman of the Chinese communist party from 1943 to 1976.Caste SystemDefinition: A system where classes are split up based on physica characteristics. Sentence: Hindus used this system as a social ranking.UrbanizationDefinition: When cities and towns become larger as more people start to work and live in central ideas. Sentence: Urbanization is a good thing because with more people working it can bring in more money and with more people working it can bring in new ideas too.Staple (food)Definition: The main food eaten by a large part of the population of a country. Sentence: A staple food in Bengali is chicken and rice.OutsourcingDefinition: To get work done or to get goods from an outside or foreign supplier. Sentence: Many businesses use outsourcing because it is a way to save money.DeityDefinition: A God or Goddess. Sentence: An example of a Deity in Christianity is Jesus Christ.HierarchyDefinition:Organizing something into different levels. Sentence: Hierarchy is a good way of communication in a business because you can organize different employees in different levels.MonotheisticDefinition: The belief there is only one God. Sentence: Christianity and Ixlam are religions that are monotheistic because they believe in one God.PolytheisticDefinition: The worship more than one God. Sentence: Hinduism values are polytheistic because they worship and believe in more than one God.SectDefinition: A religious group that is a smaller part of a bigger group and they share similar beliefs. Sentence: An example of a sect is the Southern Baptist Church is a sect of the original Baptist Church.





SE Asia Vocab

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