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Welcome to SD34Digital Resources

How to reach me:elena_miller@sd34.bc.cacell: 604-615-8258Address: CORE building – Office #111 (basement)

"To pursue online inquiry into their chosen topic, students need access to rich, appropriate information"-Inquirey Circles in Action

Why should we introduce this to students? 1. Because of concerns that students might access inappropriate videos online, other video-hosting sites have sprugn up to ensure that students can access videos within a safe environment.2. It is an alternative form to reenforce what has been taught and it can also be used as assessment for students for understanding.3. It is a way to reach to other students who will be engaged in the delivery of the lesson. They will develop an excitement for what is being taught.4. Students will develop and express creativity and design skills which are two key skills in the 21st century.5. This is a medium that students are familiar with.6. Video Streaming on the internet is the future of . We are teaching our students to learn inquiry, comprehension, and collaboration using a medium that will be their future. 7 The teacher can scale the technology tasks to match the students' ability.

How is this a useful learning tool?Students will utilize and develop the following skills:1. Research Skills2. Writing Skills3. Organization Skills4. Technology Skills5. Presentation Skills6. Interview Skills7. Interpersonal Skills

What are Digital Resources?Digital Resources is a new form of accessing video stream databases for teachers to use in the classroom as an additional tool when planning a lesson to tap into multiple intelligences. It is a multimedia presentation. Typically, digital resources contains some or all of the following:1. Video on demand2. Downloadable Clips3. Lesson Plans4. Assignments5. Quizzes

Direct Feedback From The Classroom:1. Students who do the assignments or quizzes are engaged. They are excited about the learning process. The fact that some assignments with them instant feedback outside of their classroom is very exciting to students.2. Access to feedback is less impersonal since the student 3. Video Streaming develops a life long desire for students to seek a forms of learning.


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