Sculpture in the Aztec Civilization

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Sculpture in the Aztec Civilization

A stone sculpture of the water goddess Chalchihuitlicue, mentionioned in the creation story of the fourth sun.

Sculpture in the Aztec Civilization

The "Metropolitan Museum of Art" in New York and the "National Museum of Anthropology" in Mexico City have many Aztec sculptures in their exibits.

In the Aztec society it was believed that women who died at a young age were turned into demons called Cihuateotl.

A stone sculpture of the diety figure Cihuateotl, most likely made in the early 15th-16th centuries.

This is a stone sculpture called Macuilxochitl he represents music,dance,feasting and gambling.

A porous stone sculpture of a coiled serpent made in the early 15th-16th century. The coiled serpent is the symbol of fertility.

Although the Aztecs made sculptures of many different materials like quartz,obsidian and jade, today only those made of stone are mostly still intact.

The Aztecs believed that the sculptures were direct pathways to the Gods.They thought that the statues needed to be fed with blood yearly.

Conclusion*Aztec artisans used a variety of precious stones, volcanic rock and brittle glass to make their carvings.*They believed that sculptures were pathways that connected the heavens, mainland and underworld.*Sculptures were used for communicating concepts of religion.*Most sculptures were kept in the temples of Tenochtitlan.

This is a stone carving of Huitzilopochtli's mother, Coatlicue.


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