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Scrivener's Moon

Author: Philip ReeveBook: Scrivener's MoonLexile: 970

Topic & PurposeThe topic of the book is about discovering the origins of the Scrivener race.The purpose of the book is to entertain with an exciting adventure, intense battles, and sweet revenge.I will now read an excerpt from page 223-224.

SummaryThe setting in this story has two major places: London and The Nomads land. The main conflict is person vs. person; the people of London between the Arkeghelsk. After Fever returns to London, she sees a traveling carnival that has some intel on a "prophet",describing the behemoth of what London is to become. When London's plan to attack and kill the supposed "prophet" fails, Fever is injured and her mother is killed. On a jounery to find out what's wrong with her friend, Cluny, she and Fever journey north to Skrevenstuut. The road is perilous; filled with nightwights, nomads, and other terrors in the night. After arriving at the pyramid and discovering its secrets, Fever and Cluny are taken back to Cluny's Fortress and are preparing an attack on London. "The 60 Minute War" (as dubbed in Mortal Engines) was a fierce battle between London and the Arkenghelsk. Cluny is captured and Fever comes to her rescue. At the end of the battle or war, Fever and Cluny decide to migrate north and settle there to live peaceful lives for as long as they live.

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The book is about the origin of the Scrivener race; as is discovered in Part Two of the book. When word of a "prophet" describing the terrifying behemoth of London, Fever is sent with her Mother to investigate. After surviving an attack from the enemy, Fever heads north to a secluded place to help her sister fix her visions. While on the way, they encounter creatures that've turned from exclusion. Tensions between London and the Arkenghelsk rise. What will Fever and her sister find and encounter on their way north, what direction will the the tensions go as London is on the brink of war? Find out in, Scrivener's Moon! The book is about learning the origin of the Scrivner race. The purpose is to entertain, as I had enjoyable read because of the exciting plot-twist and backstabs.

ThemeThe Theme of the book is "Discovery". This book has so many adventures including the journey North to the pyramid, the contruction of London, and even the journey of war.

Personal EvaluationOverall, this book was good. It was a little bit hard to pick up on, but it eventually got easier. My personal reaction to the book was great. At first, I got it slightly confused with Mortal Engines and seeing the realations both books. I reacted to the book positively; the book had a suspensful end that was a page-turner. can relate to Fever Crumb, because she has many enemys and thinks things through like I do. The reason for some of the events in the exposition was difficult to pick up on.The significane of the title is that the Scrivener's Moon gives life, as the moon gives light in the darkness, so does the Moon give life and control to the Scrivener's. I will know read an excerpt from page 335.

Fever Crumb Character Sketch

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Cited SourcesScriverner's Moon Book Cover:“Fever Crumb: Scrivener's Moon by Philip Reeve | Scholastic.” By Philip Reeve | Scholastic, Warrior Image:"Scrivener's Moon." DeviantArt. N. p., 2018. Web. 14 Mar. 2018.Philip Reeve Interview:"Philip Reeve Interview - Swindon Youth Festival Of Literature 2015." YouTube. N. p., 2018. Web. 14 Mar. 2018.

Author Info.

Philip Reeve Interview(1 min. - 1:30 min.)

Standing as tall as 5' 8", Fever has long, brown hair, which she usually likes to wear in a bun. Her skin color is cocasion/white; her eyes are blue. She was made to better than the humans of the current era. She can heal much quicker than others do; and her age is slowed.

The image depicts the tensions between London and the Arkenghelsk

The pyramid in the middle of the book cover symbolizes the beginning of the Scriverner Age.