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Scripture Project


Today, I believe that this commandment is very important in our modern society. Even though it is considered a controversial topic, some people who live off of government welfare and things such as food stamps, could be considered stealing. A society is obligated to take care of those who are truly in need. However, our current system that is in place does not adequately monitor the distribution of these aids. Therefore, there are people that defraud the system and collect money that they don't need or deserve. This also takes support and money away from the people that really need the help. I personally do not think that helping people by providing them with money and other things is wrong, but I do believe that there is a proper way for this to be handled. Nowadays, many people also shoplift, file false income tax reports, or cheat on health insurance forms.


"A thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy. I came so that everyone would have life and have it in it's fullest." -Jesus (John 10:10)


Q1. What is the 7th Commandment? A. The 7th Commandment is "Thou shall not steal." Q2. What does the 7th Commandment, Thou shall not steal, mean to you? A2. This commandment means to me that good and honest work should be rewarded, and someone shouldn't take advantage of that. If someone earns something, like how I get payed for my job, no one should be able to take that from me because it isn't right to do that. Q3. Have you ever had a personal experience involving this commandment? A3. When I was in college I had an old rickety bike from a used bike shop and I used it to get to class. One day I took it to the track to go do a workout and I had to leave the bike to go directly to class. I guess someone thought that having a bike would be a nice way to get to school, so they took my bike and I never saw it again. Q4. In our modern society where do you see people breaking this commandment? A4. Well, I have a unique perspective because I'm a prosecutor, and so I see where most people commit the crime and theft, and things like that. In most instances theft will occur in places like Walmart, Best Buy and Kmart. This is where people will steal small, luxury things that they can use day to day. Items they steal could range from food to iPads, and whatever people think they need. Sometimes these things aren't even necessities, but they are luxuries. Q5. Why do you think people are breaking this commandment today? A5. I think a lot of the time people watch TV and they see things they "have to have." People decide that they need to have items like iPads when on reality they don't. Even if they can't afford it, they become convinced that the only way to be happy is to have these unneeded items. For some, it becomes more about having the newest and latest things, rather than earning them. Q6. What are some ways you think we can prevent these things? A6. I think that when someone gets in trouble the first or second time for stealing and it's something small, they should get a chance to redeem themselves instead of going to jail right away. People should learn to earn there way to reach a goal, rather than stealing to get something. Once they learn a different way of getting things they may be more inclined to work towards and earn the item which takes away the risk of getting in trouble.

As a current Kellenberg freshman, this commandment affects me in many ways. For anyone, there always can be the temptation to steal, even if it's not physically stealing something. Cheating on a test or taking someone else's work also breaks the 7th Commandment. Everyone has a moral responsibility to respect other people's belongings and personal efforts for studying or doing work. Aside from just this, you can receive personal satisfaction knowing that you achieved certain things with your own work, and not by someone else's. This commandment has personal significance to me and also my family. When I was in preschool my family was burglarized during the day. The people that robbed our house took money, jewelry, and anything else that they thought was valuable. The house was turned inside out, and my mom didn't want my brother and I to see it that way, in fear of us be scared in our own home. Not only did they take our possessions, but this took a sense of security away from my family that is still present today.

Importance Today:


When God gave Moses the seventh commandment he wanted to remind the people of Israel how, despite them being treated wrongly, they all still had to respect one another's property and treat one another fairly. This commandment refers to not only stealing, but also lying and cheating to each another. By stating this, it would be ensured that the Israelites would all be treated as fairly as possible by each other, and that the people would not have to be afraid of someone stealing, taking, or cheating them out of something that was rightfully theirs. This commandment was especially important during this time because the Israelites had just become freed from being slaves for many years, so it was very chaotic. The seventh commandment would teach them to value and honor their own possessions, and also the other people that were traveling with them.



Get Real, Don't Steal!



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