Screwworm Fly

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Screwworm Fly

-The adults are attracted to decaying matter and thus they can be found on dead bodies. However, because C. bezziana can cause myiasis and lay its eggs on a live mammal, it can be more complicated to determine a time of colonization. If the fly laid its eggs and the maggots hatched prior to the death of the corpse and the forensic entomologist does not take this into account, the entomologist could give an incorrect time of colonization.

-There are four stages: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. This entire life cycle lasts an average of 21 days at prime conditions (preferably a warm, moist environment) - Larvae will hatch approximately 12–21 hours after the eggs have been laid. - After 5 to 7 days, the larvae will drop and move away from the food source to pupate. -This stage can last from 7 days at a warm temperature to as long as two months if the weather is much colder. The adults will emerge and spend a day or two finishing maturity. - Adults will breed only once in their lifetime. Sexually mature adults choose to breed between 3–4 days after hatching from the pupa. - The adult flies of this species will live approximately two to three weeks.




- they lay there eggs primarily in warm-blooded animals such as cattle and other livestock -Their larvae cause myiasis, or an infestation of maggots, in lesions or other wounds and injuries that the host animal may have.

-The adult screwworm is a dark, shiny, bluish-green fly about 10 mm (0.4 in) long. It has a reddish-yellow face and three black stripes on its upper thorax between the wings.

-Screwworms are no longer a serious threat and have been largely eradicated from North and Central America due to the success of an ingenious pest control program. The program utilizes a technique called sterile male release. Sterile male screwworms are released into the wild in numbers so great that fertile males rarely get a chance to mate with females.

Female Screwworm Fly!

-Males mature rapidly, and will spend their time waiting and eating on nearby vegetation and the nectar of flowers.

Male Screwworm Fly!

-The females are predacious, and will feed on the fluids from live wounds. The females can fly long distances to find a mate.

-Forensic entomologists give a time that, at the very earliest, the corpse could have been colonized by insects instead of giving a time of death; this is because the time of colonization is not always concurrent with the time of death. They provide the shortest post mortem interval (PMI) possible.

Facts - There are two types of Screwworm Fly -Cochliomyia hominivorax - Cochliomyia macellaria



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