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Basic knots:Reef KnotClove HitchSheet BendSquare LashingThese are the most important knots to be able to tie prior to commencing the design of a construction

When we start to design a contruction we often overcomplicate things. Too often our creativity exceeds our ability , which can lead to unsafe constructions or poorly planned designs.Starting simple, and building up from there is the key to successful construction.Safety is important, and it is always a good idea to think about Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).Have you done your risk assessment forms?

The Story about ...

Where do I start ?

Scoutcrafting and construction

All scouts can tie knots. False. We can only tie knots if we practice them regularly and use them often.I only tie my knots once. False. We should have someone double check our knots to make sure that they are correctly tied and safe to use.

Safety First:Remember to check that you have enough space to work.If someone is going to be more than two (2) metres off the ground, they need a helmet and harness and need to be tethered on a safety line.

Lead into construction.1) Work with the patrol leaders to make sure they all know how to tie the basic knots2) Have the patrol leader teach the knots to every member of their patrol3) Assess the knotting work, and make it into a game4) Practice makes perfect, don't make it a single session only. Span it out over a couple of sessions so that they can revise and improve of quality.5) Have fun with it. Knots are boring alone!!!

How do I start?

Square lashing



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