Scout: To Kill A Mockingbird

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Scout: To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A MockingbirdBy: Harper Lee

Jean Louise "Scout" Finch


Scout Finch was a very unusual little girl. Actually her real name wasn't even Scout, that was her nickname. Jean Louise Finch was Scout's real name. Scout was born and grew up in a little town in Alabama during the 1930's. Her father was lawyer named Atticus Finch. Scout was defineitely not a lover she was a fighter. She has a very short temper and solves everything with fighting.

As the novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" gets further Atticus Finch is defending a black man for being accused of rape. Scout has to deal with the prejiduce community she lives with in her father being a white man defending a black man. Many kids and adults would say mean things to Scout and call her very mean names. Although this happens to Scout, as the novel prgresses so does Scout. She becomes stronger and wiser. She also learns to not solve everything with a fight.


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