Scottsboro boys

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Scottsboro boys

Scottsboro Boys

Haywood Patterson

Eugene Williams

Roy Wright12, brother of Andy Wright. Realeased 1937, killed himself 1959.

Willie Robertson

Olen Montgomery

Ozie Powell

Andy Wright

Clarence Norris

Charles Weems

March 25, 1931Nine boysare accusedof rape

12, brother of Andy Wright. Realeased 1937, Killed himself 1959.

13, cafe dishwasher. Released because of youth

18, he escaped jail twice. Died in jail of cancer 1952

19,the oldest involved in the fight on the train. In jail 1937 to 1943

The last Scottsboro to die. Testified that all the others did it

17, alleged to be the rapist despite his syphillis condition.

16, he was brain damaged after being arrested. Released 1946

17, released 1937 deemed innocent to the whole thing

Frequently ill afterwards at Scottsboro to be freed 1957

The Boys

The Accussers

Victoria Price

Ruby Bates

April 6-7, 1931First trials in Scottsboro, Alabama. Appeals begin and continue for a year and a half

November 7, 1932United States Supreme Court orders new trials. March 27, 1933 Second trials begin

June 22, 1933Judge Horton overturns guilty verdict

July 26, 1937Charges against four men are dropped

October 25, 1976Clarence Norris is Pardoned

Crowd gathers around Scottsboro's jail for trials

Accussed 3 out of 9 men of rapping her, but later confessed she wasn't

Accussed 6 out of 9 men of rapping her


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