Scottsboro Boys Trial

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Scottsboro Boys Trial

March 25 1931

April 6-9

December 1931

March 1933

October- December 1933

January 1936

July 1937

The Scottsboro trial is about nine young male African Americans that spent seven years trying the prove their innocence after being falsely accused of rape.

A fight breaks out on a freight train between whites and blacks. The African Americans are taken into custody in Scottsboro, Alabama on charges of assult and rape.

The NCAAP and the ILD start to raise money to help defend these boys.

Patterson is tried again for the fourth time and convicted of rape. Ozzie Powell is shot in the head while attacking a deputy sheriff

The case is transferred to Judge William Callahan. Haywood Patterson and Clarence Norris are tried again for rape and sentenced to death.

The second trials begin. Judge James Horton sentences Haywood Patterson to death even after Ruby Bates testifies that she was never raped.

The boys are indicted by a grand jury. Eight of the boys are tried, convicted and sentenced to death by Judge A. E. Hawkins. The ninth boy, who was thirteen years old ends the trial with a hung jury.

Clarence Norris: Convicted of rape and sentenced to death. His sentence was later reduced to life in prison. Andy Wright: Sentenced to 99 years for rape. Charlie Weems: Sentenced to 75 years. Ozzie Powell: sentenced 20 years for assulting the sheriff. Roy Wright, Eugene Williams, Olen Montgomery and Willie Robertson: All charges against them were dropped.

The Nine African Americans Accused: Haywood Patterson, Clarence Norris, Charlie Weems, Olen Montgomery, Ozzie Powell, Willie Robertson, Eugene Williams and Andy Wright.

Victoria Price and Ruby Bates were the ones that accused the African Americans for rape.

"I was scared before, but it wasn't nothing to how I felt now. I knew if a white woman accused a black man of rape, he was as good as dead." --Clarence Norris

"I'd rather die than spend another day in jail for something I didn't do." -Haywood Patterson


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