Scottsboro Boys Case

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Scottsboro Boys Case

The Scottsboro Boys Case

When NKThe Scottsboro Boys Case started March 25 1931 and the trials took place in Alabma. The rape supposeedly took place on a moving train.

WhatThe scottsboro Boys Case was a case in which 9 black boys were wrongfully tried for a crime they didn't commit.They were given inaddequate lawyers who even showed up to court drunk. Also the prosecuters falsified evidence to try them resulting in them being sentenced. After 8 of 9 of them were sentenced to death they were tried again. This time the govener of Alabama assigned addequate lawyers and they had another trial.

Who NKThe Scottsboro Boys were a group of nine black youths ranging in age from twelve to twenty who were arrested in March 1931 near Scottsboro, Alabama, for raping two white girls who were riding a train with them from Chattanooga to Memphis Tennesee. The boys were Charlie Weems, 20; Clarence Norris, 19; Haywood Patterson, 19; Andy Wright, 19; Willie Roberson, 17; Olin Montgomery, 17; Ozie Powell, 16; Eugene Williams, 13; and Roy Wright, 12. The two white girls were Ruby Bates and Victoria Price.

Outcome Of TrialsThe nine boys recieved inadequate defense from two volunteer lawyers and were convited by an all white jury. The evidence held against thm was extremeley weak but the Alabama officials refused to drop the charges against anyof the defendants. By 1933 the case had attracted national attention. Many people believed the Scottsboro boys were victims of racial prejudice. The trials in 1936 and in 1937 resulted in conviction and long prison sentences for four of the five boys. The charges against the other four boys were dropped. By 1950 four were paroled and Patterson had escaped from Michigan and the governor refused to turn him in to Alabama officials. In 2013 Alabama issued posthumous (after death) pardons to Patterson and 2 other men who were wrongly tried. This case attracted and caused many conflicts between the white and black community in Alabama. this trial, as well, served as a nation wide example of racial prejudice. ("ScottsBoro Case", World Book)

OverviewThe ScottsBoro 1931 case in Alabama involved 9 African American boys who were convicted of rape of two young white women. The boys were sentenced to death but after the Supreme court reversed the boys conviction multiple times the charges were dropped agaianst five of the men but not before theywere tried numerous times before a white jury. The trials's unfairness and harshness attracted national attention. The men were victims of racial prejudice and suffered the consequences for something they were wrongly accused of."ScottBoro Boys, American History)


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